Our Story

Picture yourself at a dynamic symposium, alive with ideas and energy. Researchers are showcasing their groundbreaking discoveries, while young professionals are eagerly seeking tips on how to upskill and navigate an ever-evolving job market. Seasoned academics are sharing their wisdom, while coaches and trainers are refining their craft. You have found yourself at our journal, the GILE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD).

Our journey began under the aegis of the GiLE Foundation in 2020, with the aim of helping those who foster the skills young adults need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Let’s fast forward now to the present day: as of November 2023, we have joined forces with the Pact4Youth Association, a non-profit organisation that fully shares our passion for equipping young adults with the tools required for success. It is time for a new chapter in our story.

And this new chapter begins with a brand-new look! Our new cover design and formatting aligned with the Pact4Youth's brand reflects our commitment to growth and innovation. But while the imagery may have been updated, our core values remain the same – we are as dedicated as ever to promoting academic excellence and the empowerment of young people.

Going forward, we envision the GJSD becoming a one-stop shop for everything related to skills development. Whether you are a researcher investigating the science of skills development, a young professional looking for actionable advice, or a coach seeking fresh perspectives, we have something for you. And we seek diverse voices! Our contributors range from early career researchers who welcome sympathetic support to seasoned professionals with extensive real-world experience and a strong message to share.

Our open-access journal also aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, by focussing on the priorities of educators and L&D professionals worldwide. As 2024 gets underway, the GJSD will focus on upskilling, process change, and coaching in the age of Generative AI.

We now welcome two main types of papers: Research and Perspectives. Research is dedicated to rigorous academic studies, action research, review papers, and theoretical contributions, whereas Perspectives aims to showcase a range of diverse viewpoints and practical ideas.

All told, we aim to publish thought-provoking articles and essays by industry experts and academics, together with case studies, both theoretical and actual. We also champion the application of design thinking principles to addressing “wicked” social challenges and empowering young adults in novel ways.

So, join us in this vibrant symposium! Share your research, participate in discussions, and contribute to shaping the future of young adults. Together, let's build a bridge that connects academic excellence with the ever-evolving needs of industry. As our motto has it: “GJSD. Sharing today. Shaping tomorrow.”