Welcome to the GiLE Journal of Skills Development (GJSD)! The GJSD (eISSN 2732-3781) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, international scientific journal on competence (soft skills) development for the Digital Age, published by the GiLE Foundation.

The GJSD is a fully Open Access (OA) journal that does not charge authors an article processing charge (APC), i.e. there is no publication fee.

The GJSD publishes research on 21st Century skills, find out more about the focus of this journal, and meet the GJSD team.

We invite all researchers, PhD students, and professionals to submit articles with us. Our readership includes teachers, trainers, educational administrators, school principals, educational policymakers, curriculum planners, and educational and training researchers as they consider the structure of tomorrow's educational system.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): GiLE Journal of Skills Development

It is with enthusiasm and anticipation that we celebrate the launch of this international scientific journal (Issue 1)  that focuses on research examining the complex topic of skill and competency development. GJSD serves the scientific and academic community, as well as educators, teachers, trainers, professionals in the industry, decision-makers, and broader society in general. In line with the mission of the publisher, the GiLE Foundation, we are dedicated to “support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life by developing their competencies and through research and advocacy”.

Published: 2021-04-07

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