The GiLE Journal of Skills Development emerged from the huge efforts of the GiLE Foundation, founded in 2019, which aims to "foster interpersonal and soft skills development, promote science communication, and inspire more action". The GJSD is made up of more than 25 members from all over the world, click on the options below to see who we are.

Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Managing Editor, Assistant Editors, Copy and Layout Editors are at the heart of the publication process. Their primary function is to support the publication activities of the journal. They have a shared interest in making the Journal a high-quality publication.

Editorial Team


Members of the Editorial Board serve as ambassadors for the journal. They help determine the scope, the focus and the content of the Journal. By offering expertise in their specialist area, they help take the journal further in terms of raising its profile, attracting papers, and making it a “must read” publication for academics and practitioners in the industry.

Editorial Board


Members of the Advisory board are highly experienced professionals or researchers in fields that pertains to 21st century skills development. They give advice on the research relevancy of sectoral research needs. This includes identifying topics of interest and potential article ideas, providing a network of potential contributors and authors.



Reviewers participate in the journal’s double-blind peer-review system as experts in an article’s research field. They have specialist knowledge on the subject matter, and they provide detailed and objective feedback on the manuscripts in a double-blind peer review process to help authors improve and further develop their work.

Reviewers and Proofreaders


The GiLE Foundation was launched in 2019 at the World Science Forum. Its mission is to support young people’s pursuit of a successful and meaningful life by developing their competencies and through research and advocacy.

GiLE Foundation